Kickstarter Takes the Reigns

Kickstarter responded to the fervor surrounding commercial Kickstarter projects (naming Veronica Mars and Zach Braff in particular) on their blog today. Here’s the money quote:

We’re a tool available to anyone (in the US and UK, currently) to fund and build a community around their creative project. Big or small, established or indie, serious or fun.

I think this is in line with what I wrote yesterday, which is basically that Kickstarter is flexible and it’s a medium of sorts. “Tool” is the word that they use specifically. I can dig it.


One thought on “Kickstarter Takes the Reigns

  1. In glad that they clarified that, though that makes me like them a little less. Until now their emails showing off new projects, their tweets, and even blog posts have tried to highlight the little guy. I think that crowd funding is venture capital for those who have no other funding options, personally.

    Real companies trying to fund projects they would have launched anyway only earn my ire, not my money.

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