Journey Across Failure: Don’t Be an Asshole


These “Journey Across Kanto” guys want $50,000 to send three guys to Japan so they can pretend to be real life Pokemon trainers. I see a couple things wrong with their plans and pitch:

  • Nowhere in the pitch video or on the project page do they demonstrate their ability to produce a documentary. We get voiceover on top of some smoothly edited Pokemon footage (which they probably don’t have a license to use). It just makes me want to ask the Samuel L. Jackson question: “Who the fuck are these assholes?
  • No budget breakdown. $50,000 seems insane, but let’s see how it might breakdown. Let’s estimate $5000 for airfare (roughly $1500 x 3 + tax), maybe $2000 for equipment (a camera and mic), another $3000 for production afterward (this is a total guess…I have no idea what it would really cost), which would leave $40,000 for travel costs in Japan, which would be $267/person/day for 50 days in Japan. That seems like a reasonable per diem, to be honest. Japan is an expensive place. So their budget is okay, but it does show the one HUGE flaw in their plans:
  • They are asking for everything and the kitchen sink. I don’t see any investment on their part. I feel like a project like this could work if they were more conservative with their request. If, for example, they were to ask Kickstarter to provide airfare alone ($5000, as mentioned above) and to cover the rest of the costs themselves, I feel like they would come across as more realistic, more invested and therefore more credible and persuasive. Instead, they are asking for everything and (in my humble opinion) seem like giant assholes.

The lesson: Don’t be an asshole. Think hard about your funding goal and strive to see it from a random reader’s perspective. Asking for too large a goal will only make you seem like a jerk.


3 thoughts on “Journey Across Failure: Don’t Be an Asshole

    • Ha, thanks man! I’m sorry I haven’t been more active. Soon I’ll have a lot of extra free time to blog.

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