Genuine Kickstarter Creativity


After Andrew Nicholls’ first two Kickstarter projects failed, he was determined to create one that would get funded – the title of the project explains it all: “Project #1 Your portrait painted in a simple and naive style.”

The goal was 12 pounds, and he’s raised 220, which is 1833% of the original goal. Kicktraq suggests he is trending toward 10,000% of his goal. I won’t be supporting this project, but it is very much in the creative spirit of Kickstarter, and I think it’s fantastic. It’s not some new device that a commercial interest has invested a lot of time and money into; it’s a simple project that allows an artist to indulge in his passion and to connect with an appreciative audience. Bravo, Mr. Nicholls!

Which makes me wonder if there’s a way I could use as simple an approach on Kickstarter to fund the writing of a blog…


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