Moonbot Studios’ “The Golem”

First off, the excuses: familial strife, school woes, teaching woes, writing and blogging madness. That’s all I’ll say of them. I have a few longer posts I’ve been planning, but I haven’t had time to get to them. They are also about projects I’m not interested in funding (or seeing funded), so the timing doesn’t matter as much.

This project, however, THIS I want to see funded:


Moonbot Studios’ Next Game: The Golem” will fund an RPG made by Oscar-winning, Louisiana-based Moonbot Studios. The game is set in an alternate version of Prague that has created the Golem as a defense. You get to control the Golem, and you’re in search of a soul

I saw that a friend had funded the project (thanks to the Kickstarter feature that allows you to “follow” friends!), and when I started watching the video, I noticed that the two guys from Moonbot Studios looked familiar. It took me a second to realize that I had seen clips of them between the Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts at The Prytania recently. Between the shorts, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg provided commentary about their experience of winning an Oscar for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

I was immediately interested in funding, and when I found out that they are based in Shreveport, LA, I felt obligated to support the project. Very cool stuff. $750,000 feels maybe a little out of reach, but here’s hoping! I love the idea, and I especially like the concept art.


2 thoughts on “Moonbot Studios’ “The Golem”

  1. To be honest, region isn’t high on the reasons I fund projects. I rarely look at the list of New Orleans projects. I more often fund projects run by friends, which correlates with region. This time, I was pleasantly surprised that the studio was based in Louisiana. It was cool to see them on the big screen and know that they weren’t far away.

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