Days of Yawn


One of the all time snoozer Kickstarter video game projects is back for more PUNishment: Days of DYawn – Discover the Magic! has been restarted. After raising just over $30,000 of their initial $95,000 goal with their first iteration, the team is back with a goal of only $50,000. I’m sure DavidGaames will have interesting things to say about their sudden fiscal responsibility, but I just want to talk about what a shitty game it sounds like. Take a peek at the new pitch video, which is FIVE MINUTES shorter than the original one, thank Christ, but just as cheesy in terms of game presentation:

A world whose magic just came alive
A girl with powers yet unseen
A boy to meet his destiny
Darkness reaching out its claws
And other terrible RPG clichés all with ridiculous Disney-style art

The bad guys in the video look like mutated versions of the Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch. Do you think anyone told these guys that yet? And the game itself looks hackneyed beyond recovery. Ultima? Final Fantasy? These are really the inspiration behind this game? The “pre-alpha gameplay” looks like an HD version of one of the first few King’s Quest games.



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