Imperfect Golf

I was all set to hate on PerfectGolf. It starts off with a webcam-quality video introduction by founder Erik Lugris, and he commits one of my biggest pet peeves: he refers to potential backers as “Kickstarters.” I can see why people do this, but it irks me for some reason.


But after a minute, it becomes clear that this is actually a very impressive golf game:


Subsequent interviews are higher quality video:


Which makes me wonder why they didn’t start off with higher quality video. Why wouldn’t you make the best first impression that you can? They’ve clearly put a lot of money into the game and this pitch, but this was one thing they didn’t consider. I wonder how many people lasted beyond the first minute of the video, which is when the CGI first appears. My suggestion would be to start with the CGI golf greens and a voiceover, and then switch to the founder – that way viewers would be impressed straight away, they would know exactly what the game is about, and they would know whether they wanted to hear more.

I don’t think that they’ll meet their goal of $300,000, but not because of the video. A stronger start to the video would have helped, but I’m wondering if they seeded the concept well enough in the online golfing community to ensure as fast a start as possible. The online golf community does seem to have quite a fervent following; however, it might be an older audience, and thus less likely to make something go viral.

On a side note and personal note, I’ll be taking the first two weeks of 2013 off from Kick What. I have a draft of my graduation thesis due on the 14th and will be spending most of my writing time working on that. But fear not, readers. As long as there are folks like Kurby Skiffmoore, Kick What will continue.


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