I know a lot of what I write on here is very negative. I’m basically making fun of folks who don’t see how ridiculous they or their projects are. I’ve tried to balance this with some positive reviews, but I felt like this might be a good point in the existence of this blog to really put my money (and my backing) where my mouth is and prove that I’m not just full of hot air – I actually support Kickstarter projects; I don’t just make fun of them.

So I’ve decided to share my Kickstarter profile link. This is me. These are the projects I’ve supported. Check them out.

I love to see what different people have supported, especially project creators. I’m also really curious about celebrities. Amanda Palmer’s list is public, as is Jerry Holkins (Tycho Brahe) from Penny Arcade.

Those are the only two celebrities I know of who have made their profiles public. Do you know any others? I’ll add them to this post if anyone adds them in the comments.

One interesting thing about Kickstarter is that when you “follow” a friend, they can opt to receive an email or Kickstarter notification. So if I decided to back the Puking Kitty Saucy Boat, the second I did, all my followers would know:

Despite the fact that this is funny and I love cats, I will not be backing this project. I briefly debated getting one for my mom, but instead I sent her the link and was relieved when she laughed but did not want one. They started off pretty hot, but it may be a slow haul to their goal of $14,000.

As far as I know, you can choose not to receive notifications, but you can’t choose not to have notifications sent when you back something. This made me think twice about a couple projects, maybe even the one about strippers, heh, but I’m pretty comfortable with my online persona, so I don’t think it’s altered my shopping tendencies all that much.

What do you think? Do you make your profile public? Do you allow followers? And if so, has having followers altered your Kickstarter tendencies?


One thought on “Accountability

  1. The visibility of your choices is a consideration of mine, but one that has never stopped me from backing a project. I have had several conversations with the creator of Viticulture about some of the projects he has backed, and have even seen friends of mine back a project right after I did – presumably from the link.

    I really like that feature, I just wish you didn’t have to be Facebook friends with someone to use it.

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