Thank You, Kickstarter

On this the annual day of thanks and appreciation, I would like to take a moment to thank the Internet and Kickstarter for existing and for contributing to the strange growth of Celebrity of Self and Lifestyle as Persona in America that, in turn, has resulted in the unintentional comedy that is the Kickstarter project Cheevos the Movie – Bboy360 reaching 100k Gamerscore.

This, my friends, is some of the purest unintentional comedy ever created. I don’t doubt this man’s sincerity for even the briefest moment.

Here is the pitch video:

And here is the trailer for the movie:

I’m almost speechless.

Allow me to make just a couple of points:
– He misspells the word “movie” two different ways in at least three different locations on his Kickstarter page.
– He wants to raise $130,000 to document himself achieving 100,000 “Cheevos.”
– Most of this money will be used to fly guests in and take them to a Lakers game.
– The rest will be used to rent out a club in L.A.
– Near the end of the video he is breakdancing on top of a tablet computer.

Thank you, Internet. Thank you, Kickstarter.


6 thoughts on “Thank You, Kickstarter

  1. Sad, he really does take himself serious. He made a blog to whine about this. Hope he sees this comment, he needs to get a job and stop being pathetic.

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