Pitch Video Phở Pas

Check out the pitch video for the project PHỞ LIFE. Can you tell what they’re selling?

When I first watched it, I thought it was for a music project. I didn’t notice the camera’s emphasis on the TOWNLIFE chopsticks nor did I pay any attention to the posters that the folks in the video are carrying around with them:

Don’t get me wrong. The video is great, but I think it would be better off included in the project profile page rather than the pitch video itself. Or maybe even in the pitch video if it came after 30 seconds of explanation about the project and the creators of the company.

My judgment must be off, though, because they’re already 50% funded. Personally I think this speaks for the strength of the posters themselves rather than the strength of the pitch video: that phở ingredients poster is really cool, and I might have to get one.

What I won’t be getting for Christmas, however, is a picture of Santa smoking a joint or a Christmas cat hitting a bong from the project Happy Hippie Santa and His Helpers ~ Bring Happiness to ALL:

The project has major problems with the pitch video:

Sadly, the artist comes across as just a wee bit desperate and uses valuable time talking to the audience about why she personally needs “a break” rather than the strength of her products, which are actually quite funny and might have a niche audience if pitched and promoted correctly.


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