Unintentional Humorror

As promised, I’ve taken a look at another interesting video project today. “Myles From Home” isn’t only a bad pun, it’s a bad Kickstarter project that I love to death…a brutal, embarrassing, zombie death:

Basically, Lloyd and Paul are having a mid-life crisis. Or so it seems. They’re so giddy about the zombie apocalypse series they dreamed up while working out at the gym that they can’t even summarize it. Here’s the exchange in the video:

Lloyd: Initially what it started out as is I was driving into work and my wife had a bad morning, and I turned off the radio and just…I never turn off the radio.

I love it. He turns off the radio and is exposed to his thoughts and creativity for the first time – mana from the heavens! Let’s see what happens.

So I was driving in…and it just kind of started as this little story as to if the power went out…and this guy’s driving up to work…and is really concerned…and zombies…and crazy people, and I started talking with Paul about it and it….

So basically this guy is Paul. Paul was so bored on his commute to work that he created a zombie apocalypse movie where he’s the star. This sounds awfully similar to Chuck Klosterman’s explanation of the appeal of zombies.

Paul: Before you knew it, it was a fully realized alternate universe where there are zombies, maybe not zombies, where there’s crazy people, and there’s just a lot of mayhem. This is where we ask you to give us some money.

Fully realized? At this point I have no idea what is happening. And this is definitely not the part where you ask me for money. This is the part where I ask you to provide a short 2-3 sentence synopsis of your story/idea. It’s pretty clear that these guys haven’t really familiarized themselves with Kickstarter. They haven’t backed any projects and probably haven’t looked through many pitch videos.

A couple other highlights:

1:30 “HUMORROR!” This is apparently the name of the genre they will be working in. I think a more accurate name would be “unintentional humorror.”

2:04 “Scribbling for dollars.” They’re not really asking for all that much, to be honest. Just $1500, but they treat the Kickstarter process so blithely, that I’m not sure they’ll even get to that amount.

2:40 “One thing we’re doing with this project is we’re giving secret Easter Egg references to other movies. So we’re using lines from those movies, we’re using characters from those movies, situations from those movies.” So basically what we have here is a fan film. Just come out and say it, guys. People will understand.

3:30 “We need a crane! We need a dolly!” This suggests that Paul and Lloyd either don’t understand how much these things cost or that they were expecting their project to blow up and go viral. A decent camcorder alone would set them back $1500. I’m not sure how a dolly or a crane fit into the rest of the budget. On the project page they say money will go toward “a second camera, crane, dolly and lights.” Unless they get to $5K or $10K, they won’t be able to do much. Come on, guys.

Once you finish scratching your head over the pitch video, be sure to check out the trailer for the series:

My favorite lines:

0:31 “It has been raining for six days straight now.” Oh the horror.

1:40 “But I don’t believe in zombies.” “That’s funny, because zombies believe in you.” This is an actual line from the show. And it’s actually pretty funny. I’m going to go ahead and say they intended this to be funny…or did they?

Guys, come on. I hate to say it, but just $1500? You’ve already raised $300 and change from six backers, all of whom I’m sure you know very well. When this project fails, just cough up the extra $600 each for the camcorder and make your fan film! Oh wait, you won’t be able to…because you’ll still need the lights and the dolly and the crane. Oh yeah.

Basically, this project succeeding at just over $1500 will be the worst possible outcome for these guys. If they don’t get a new camera, the video will look like crap as in the trailer. If they get the camera and not the crane and dolly and lights, then…well, I don’t know what happens then, but basically it means that Paul’s artistic vision will not be realized…which might not be the worst possible outcome.


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