The Girl With the Grayscale Purse

Hola, amigos, sorry it’s been a while since I rapped at ya. While I was away, The Girl With The Red Purse – Movie Props/Wardrobe failed, which is really too bad because I loved that project:

The caption of the project pretty much speaks for itself:

I love it. It’s narrated and then acted? Judging from the video, neither of those things happen.

The unintentional comedy on that caption almost makes up for the fact that the video is the most excruciating three minutes you’ll ever spend on Kickstarter. Here, I’ll summarize it for you if you haven’t watched it yet:
– A girl walks into a school.
– The girl smells grass.
– The girl picks wildflowers.
– The girl graduates.
– The girl chooses paints.
– The girl paints (terribly).
– The girl admires a canvas.
– The girl exits the ER at a hospital.

This reeks of amateur storytelling. Clearly this girl is thinking lots of deep things about her life and her future, but unfortunately the pitch video does a terrible job of setting up the conflict of the story. Why do we care about this girl at all? What happens to her? NONE of this gets established with the pitch video. There’s an alternate trailer, linked on the project page, that is a third of the length and does a better job of setting up what happens. (Unmarked gave! Drowning victim! Egads!)

What really kills me about this pitch video is that the girl in the title has ONE distinguishing feature – her red purse – and the video is in black and freaking white! Unsurprisingly, this project was selected out of the Kickstarter ecosystem, and stronger projects prevail.

There is currently a video project running that is equally unintentionally hilarious despite the fact that it sets up the conflict. Can you track it down before I post on it later this week? Take a guess in the comments.


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