A Solid Pitch

I’ve got a guest post up over at Caffeineforge today. The post looks at the recent boom in playing cards projects on Kickstarter. Give it a read, and check out the Caffeineforge guys’ own comic project “The Wardenclyffe Horror” while you’re at it – it’s a comic book pairing Mark Twain and Nicolas Tesla.

Pedale Design’s playing cards project on Kickstarter set a record for the highest funded card project a few days ago, eclipsing the recent Cthulu-themed deck’s $96,000, which was set only last week. The design of Pedale’s deck looks exquisite but not overcomplicated, and Tyler Deeb’s pitch video is a textbook example of how to pitch yourself to the Kickstarter community:

I know exactly who Tyler Deeb is (a funny, humble guy with a great design sense), I understand his artistic style (simple, modern, respect for detail; this is supported by all the great shots of his beautiful studio/home), and the video and audio quality are superb (looks like a DSLR with a great mic). It’s surprising how many projects settle for lower video and audio quality. There’s really no excuse for it. It’s worth it to have the highest quality possible.

There are still 11 days left on the project, and I’m sure that it will make a big push toward the end; it’s already surpassed the $100,000 mark, and I can see it getting to $125,000 and maybe even $150,000. I’m probably going to order a deck and a shirt for myself, and I’m considering getting some extras as Christmas gifts.

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