This is Why Your Mom Didn’t Want You to Play D&D

After his first Kickstarter project failed to deliver $6000, “Doc,” the creator of the Act Ten roleplaying system, started a new project which has met its more moderate funding goal of $1000 with 18 days to go.

That’s nice and all, but I’m pretty sure this is why my mom didn’t want me playing Dungeons and Dragons:

Three dudes sitting around a living room, drinking Busch Light, doing some role playing, and watching TV with an oversized remote control.

Here are the money quotes:

1:50 “You can do pretty much anything you want to do. You may not be successful at it, but, ya know, you can try and dig your way out of prison.” My high school guidance counselor gave me the exact same advice.

1:57 More beers have been drunk, the ashtray’s getting full, but my favorite thing about this part of the video is the genormous cold drink refillable container the new guy brought with him. Need that caffeine!

2:20-3:50 Nothing beats a good old RPG war story, and this one is solid. Mistaken names and players, collapsing cities, failed perception checks. Love it.

Congrats to Act Ten on their success. Kids, if this doesn’t keep you away from role playing, I’m not sure what will. Role-playing: A Gateway Drug That Leads to Busch Light and Other Poor Beer Choices.


5 thoughts on “This is Why Your Mom Didn’t Want You to Play D&D

  1. LOL, Hilarious commentary! I wanted to do something different with this video as apposed to the last, which is where the play test crew jumped in. It actually started cleaner, but it took so long to get them loosened up I finally just said lets have fun with it. I don’t think I will do this for the next one, but I had a blast with this one! And thanks for talking about the project:)

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