“Free” Board Game

Marauders: A Game of Discovery, Deals, Alliances & Betrayal has a cool concept for their Kickstarter project. The game is “free.” You just pledge for shipping, and they’ll send you one of the first 1000 copies of the game, which they’ve already printed – they have a great picture of a pallet of the games on the project page. The catch is that they want your feedback to help improve the game. Pledging at higher levels gets you more copies of the game or priority status on the second edition when it gets published.

You can check out an overview of the game on YouTube:

I’m tempted to buy it, but as with many of the board games it’s hard to tell from the project alone whether or not it will be any fun. I almost funded Guts of Glory because the art looked really cool, but in the end I decided not to.

Marauders is cool because it’s about $20 cheaper than most of the board games on Kickstarter, and (now that they’ve hit their funding goal) you are absolutely guaranteed to get a copy of the game. Seems like a pretty clever way to get copies of the game out there and generate some buzz. Kudos to Tolman Games.


2 thoughts on ““Free” Board Game

  1. Thanks, man! I agree with your point about the pitch. Why not use a pitch video to introduce the concept? Much more personable.

    I also don’t know where I stand on Euro Games…haven’t played much but would love to try. So I don’t know if I like them or not. This doesn’t look exactly like one of those…kind of seems like a more complex version of Clue.

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