Purple Polo Programmers

If you like MMO RTS games made by guys wearing purple Polo shirts, you’ve got 11 days left to fund the Kickstarter project MMO RTS Battle for Imaiy:

These guys get a lot of things wrong:

– It takes them nearly three minutes to introduce themselves, talk about their love for programming and games mechanics, and explain the niche they see the game filling. Oh, and the video is blurry as hell while this happens.

– They then spend another minute explaining the complicated back story of the game, which involves faster than light space travel, terraforming, and loss of control of AI drones. *Yawn*

– There’s a blip of an explanation about actual gameplay (something about taking advantage of the resources on the planet to fuel the FTL drives), but they quickly move into how the money will be used, an important element to include in a pitch, but they overlook the most important thing, being…

– How the EFF do you actually play this game? Show me the game! There are gameplay screenshots below the video, but it’s almost impossible to tell how the game works from these captures. This is the single biggest reason this game fails. Pitch videos need to immediately introduce the game and get to gameplay as soon as possible. Everything else is secondary.

Oh, and I hate to be the one to let you know, but HEY U GUISE, you left the Google ads in the Tactical Map:

I’m sure they’re funding the Alpha version via clicks, but still – it makes the project seem a little less reliable. One of the many reasons they’ve only raised $60 of a requested $80,000. Yikes.


3 thoughts on “Purple Polo Programmers

  1. I’ve never been a fan of RTS games, but this looks dull even for an RTS. And the video certainly doesn’t help that. My problem, as always, is where the funding is going:
    1) Servers: legitimate, but a tiny fraction of their requested $80,000
    2) Art: won’t make the game any more fun. And as a browser-based RTS, it can’t require THAT much art.
    3) Marketing: if you’ve suckered enough people into funding your game to make your $80,000 goal, you don’t need this.

  2. Good points. It’s not quite as random as $37,000 or $93,000, but it does seem like quite a bit of cash. My guess is that this would be the funding for their bare minimum technical requirements and enough to let these guys dedicate themselves to it for a full year or so. It’s kind of surprising because it seems like they already have an Alpha version and a community of people gaming on it…and they couldn’t raise more than $60?

    I guess they should’ve done the marketing before the Kickstarter project. I’m always amazed at how little marketing press these projects do. No Twitter hits, a few posts on MMO forums, and that’s it.

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