Oh, *Those* Indians

I was checking out this new Kickstarter project Living Dinosaurs & Unknown Creatures, and about ten seconds into their pitch video, my Spidey Sense started tingling: I was pretty sure I’d just seen some kind of error. This sixth sense comes from long hours spent writing and editing student papers, my own work, translations at the company I used to work for, and submissions for the literary magazine I help with. It also comes from knowing the difference between basic homonyms. I paused the video, dragged it back a few seconds:

And indeed, I came across this wonderful wordplay:

Seminal Indians. I love Kickstarter. Fantastic wordplay on so many levels. Clearly Ronnie Beem has yet to learn The the Impotence of Proofreading.

The director seems pretty damn confident she’ll finally track down these dinosaurs:

I also have been researching for over 15 years and now for the first time ever I have solid evidence of living dinosaurs and I know where to find them thanks to several experts I’ve become friends with over the years. They will travel with me to discover these animals and capture them on clear HD video for the first time ever. I’m 100% confident that we can find them along with many other creatures that have yet to be discovered.

She has solid evidence dinosaurs exist, she knows where they are, she is 100% confident she can capture them on HD video, and she’s only asking for NINETY-THREE LARGE? What are we waiting for? Let’s fund this piece!


4 thoughts on “Oh, *Those* Indians

  1. I am SO JEALOUS that I didn’t see this first. I would have been forced to break my video game-only rule just to write about it. Everything about this project is pure gold. Thank you for the great laughs. I am going to follow this project so hard.

  2. Ha, I’m glad you liked it. I’d love to see your take on it on your site. I’ve really enjoyed your site since the Caffeine Forge guys introduced me to it.

    • Thanks! I started my blog solely for my own amusement, so I think it’s hilarious that other people actually read it. And I just looked at the previous Kickstarter that Ronnie made (and quickly cancelled) for $37,000.. so now I definitely need to do a post on it. 😉 I really need to catch up on all of the posts I want to make!

      • Hahaha…that is fantastic. It’s like she realized, “Oh, shit. There’s no way we could pull this off for $37,000. What we really need is another $56,000. That’ll solve EVERYTHING.”

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