I’m in Love With a Stripper

I’m in love with a stripper…and her documentarian sister.

One of my new favorite Kickstarter projects is Naked Truck Driver, a project to raise $2500 to fund a documentary about “feature entertainer” Keira Riley:

The first minute of the video feels like a normal documentary: It’s cleanly edited and presented and gives a great sense of what the actual documentary will probably look like.

The real magic starts when the sisters introduce themselves. First we get a blooper/outtakes-style intro with the sisters constantly interrupting each other, making suggestions and additions, and even flat out arguing with each other; it’s sweet. Sympathy gained – these women seem down to earth, easy to talk to, and I want them to succeed. (I won’t lie: It doesn’t hurt that I also want to see them dancing naked.)

Just after the two-minute mark, however, the intro takes another turn. We learn that the family “excommunicated” Keira because of her line of work and that Rachel hasn’t seen “anything” that Keira has done in the last eight years. Part of the documentary will be to follow Keira’s attempt to go on one last Miss Nude World competition before she retires and see the “behind the scenes” life of an entertainer, but the other part will look into the strained family relationships. Clearly this film has the opportunity to go beyond the dressing room and become something more interesting.

The video ends with more bloopers and sisterly bonding. Clearly I’m a sucker for bloopers and outtakes. Were I a professional Kickstarter fixer, there’s a couple things I would recommend to this project:

1. Introduce the production company. Rachel started the production company Galactic Toast with a film school classmate, and I think it’s vital to introduce who/what makes up the company. Show some footage of Rachel behind the camera or editing footage. Introduce the other people involve. Give everyone a sense of how much experience you have working with film (even if it’s not that much). To be honest, I don’t care about this too much – I’d love to see the sisters “sent on the road” with the cash regardless of how they film it, but this might pull in people who are interested in filming process. It would be easy to do this with an embedded video in an Update, either YouTube or Vimeo.

2. Offer a digital download of the film. Offering a cheaper alternative to the DVD would make it easier for folks who either don’t want to pay that much or don’t want an actual DVD. I don’t think this would be too difficult either – Galactic Toast is set up on Vimeo, so they could password protect the film and allow everyone to download straight from the Vimeo site. This is linked to the broader suggestion…

3. Diversify backing tiers. There must be some other kind of schwag they could either get donated or produce to fill out more pricing tiers. Although too many and too much schwag could always become really difficult, so I do applaud them for not overextending themselves with the rewards they’ve chosen.

Hope they make it!


9 thoughts on “I’m in Love With a Stripper

      • I was asked to accompany the girls as sound person and we just finished filming the pageant. I assure you that these pretty ladies have a lot more on their minds than just money and based on the footage and interviews we got, this film is really going to open doors between the public and the changing industries of film and feature entertainment. Plan on seeing a beautiful feature length film that takes you up close and personal in the life of an incredibly talented and hilarious burlesque entertainer.

  1. Hello. I am the documentarian you’re speaking about. We did raise the money and we just spent the week filming at the Mids Nude World pageant. It was extremely successful, and we have captured something on film that has never been seen before. Thank you for this article, it’s truly hilarious, and if interested, I’d love to keep you updated on the project. As to the other guy, it’s not all about looks, pretty girls are talented people as well.

  2. As the eldest sister of this kick-ass twosome, I think it’s about time that I shout out my admiration. I’m incredibly proud of these two girls. By working together on this film, Rachel has opened her mind and heart to Keira and her career, and Keira has rekindled and rebuilt her relationship with Rachel. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • Three sisters! That’s great. I come from a family with three brothers, and I’m the eldest. Glad to hear that y’all are a trio again. It definitely took a few years before my bros and I appreciated how similar we all are. I’ll definitely be following this project. Looks like the Facebook page will be updated, so I’ll look there.

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