Looking for Love in All the Kick Places

I wasn’t ignorant of love when I fell into it. I’d flirted with various projects and even committed to some. I backed a local New Orleans documentary about brass music, bought a couple of Christmas presents for family and a manga for myself. This is fun, I thought. I can shop and satisfy strange venture capitalist urges.

The Doublefine Adventure was the first Kickstarter project that really blew me away. The production value of their campaign was so high and the product delivered so great (I’m obsessed with following the documentary and wish I’d pledged at a higher level). I swooned. But I also knew that Doublefine wasn’t a one-man project, and I wasn’t jealous.

But I didn’t truly love until I saw Jimbob’s campaign to start a microbrewery in Houston. A microbrewery might sound like a big thing to start over Kickstarter, but Jimbob had his head on straight – he was only asking for a $600 seed to fund an IPA recipe. He would test out the recipe, fund other recipes via Kickstarter, and eventually work his way up to a “very small” microbrewery which he would start for “very little” money.

His video, all of 43 seconds long, shows a no-nonsense entrepreneur whose real goal was to “chronicle the endeavour” so that it could be replicated and inspire microbreweries across the country. I fell in love…in love with Kickstarter.

Watch the video and see for yourself (and take a nice long sip of craft beer when it finishes):

But as happens with love in many cases, I hesitated, I worried it wasn’t the project for me, and eventually I didn’t fund it. Jimbob fell $165 short of his goal. I still spend long, lonely nights wishing I’d pledged $200. Hell, I could’ve driven to Houston for a beer party. Would’ve been fun.

So I continue the search for love on Kickstarter. These are the projects I love.


3 thoughts on “Looking for Love in All the Kick Places

  1. I love that you are talking about Kickstarter without promoting your project alone. You’d be surprised at how rare that is. You should drop by my blog at take a read; this is a topic I love to discuss at length.

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